Kosama Tips

Practice patience

Practice Patience
  • Take the time to learn proper form and technique to avoid injury and enhance your overall experience
  • Check out our online exercise video library
    for detailed instruction
  • Be patient with yourself. Everyone’s body
    responds differently to weight loss and muscle gain
  • Talk to your instructor for support and guidance


  • Drink at least half your body weight
    in ounces of water daily
  • Create your online nutrition plan for guidance
  • Eat a snack or small meal of easily
    digestible carbs before class for energy
  • After class, focus on mostly lean protein
    to rebuild muscle, combined with a small
    amount of carbs


  • You will be sore, and that’s ok!
  • Exercise and stretching will help reduce soreness
  • If you notice increased soreness after two workouts, take a day off

Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery
  • Take advantage of the recovery workout classes
  • Growth and repair happens at rest. Your body needs rest to recharge and keep you performing at your best
  • Rest and recovery are just as important as your workout
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